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1 Dog $45

2 Dogs (sharing room)  $78

Each additional dog $36

Doesn't matter how big or how small, each dog receives all the love, fun and attention they want and need.

All boarding rates include the overnight stay and full day of play.


 TX 75077 us


We realize there's no place like home, but Spoiled Pups Ranch and Resort sure is close!

Boarding is just as fun and exciting as Day Play because it's included!

Yes, all of our furfriends that stay with us get a full day of play at no additional cost.  It's the whole Spoiled Pups Ranch and Resort experience WITH a comfy place to rest at the end of the day.

We don't scratch and paw your wallet to death with extra charges.  We love your furbabies and we want them to have the funnest experience possible.

Spoiled Pups Ranch and Resort is a facility where each pet has their own room with spacious and comfy digs.  Staying at Spoiled Pups is much cheaper than the finest hotel, but just as posh and a lot more fun!